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2023 podcast and radio tour

Happy belated New Year fellow humans,

I am being interviewed on podcasts and radio interviews over the next month. My work and I will be featured in a variety of genres from self help to out of body experience shows.In the process please follow some of these amazingly talented and gracious hosts.

My first will be live on YouTube in the first part of February with Dr. Taz Bhatia. She happens to have a very awesomely timely vision to "Empower one million women to uncover their innate super powers."

This is such an honor to be part of as I have always felt that women have been marginalized in society, yet they possess the gift of creation and so much more! The show is going to be called, " Eli Coberly on a different way of living."

Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Yes, different indeed!"

We will be chatting about inspirations, dreams, my book War in the Hearts of Men and some of the life changing experiences that were catalysts for transformation.

I am another you,


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