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Equinox tour blog.

Hello to all and Happy Spring equinox!

The time of balance between dark and light is my favorite topic. Speaking of topics……

I am about midway through the media tour I am doing via podcasts and radio. I have been on several demographically different shows with a variety of topics. Most of them are subjects covered in my book.

As I dive deeper in the metaphorical philosophy of War in the Hearts of Men, I am pondering how to next share the gift. Keep an eye out for me at new age/ UFO conventions, transformational festivals and writing workshops this summer.

In addition to the conference's and such I am planning a trip in May back to the jungles of the Lacandon, near the Usumacinta river on the border of Mexico and Guatemala. Think Crocodiles, Jaguars, Hidden ruins and Ancient prophecies. By the way, the trip will be to finish up the first draft of my next book called, Artificial Antiquity. It's a dystopian sci-fi.

Also, please if you have supported me by buying the book, then please write a review on Amazon. War in the Hearts of Men is doing better than my first book. I have gotten a lot of great feedback and by the end of May millions are aware that it exists. The way that an author sells more is partially by the ranking on Amazon but also on the number of reviews. Thanks again and here are some of the podcasts, radio shows and You tube links so far.

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